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A visionary, young entrepreneur with an under capitalized dog daycare business, came to JBL Companies seeking assistance. Her suburban dog daycare business was marginally profitable, but couldn’t seem to make the leap to increasing profits and cash flow to fund expansion. The current daycare location and business concept were dated and constricting marketability and sales.


The JBL Special Assets Department was contracted to help the CEO redesign the concept and business plan, creating greater customer appeal. A new business location needed to be found that did not limit revenue.  The Special Assets Department worked with the client preparing a business plan, private placement memorandum, and subscription agreement to sell stock in the exciting new concept. Additionally, the JBL Special Assets team set milestones for the CEO to meet and crafted a strategic plan to “roll-up” the fragmented pet daycare market.



28 Years Strong

JBL Companies Turns 28!
We are excited to celebrate our 28th year of service. We owe our longevity to our devoted team and to the support of our loyal clients, colleagues and vendors.

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